Welcome to Practice by Design!

I am thrilled to be offering this bespoke coaching Program to you and kindly ask that you please familiarise yourself with the full Sales Terms & Conditions linked at the bottom of this pop-up with some key points summarised below.

The aim of this Program is to provide you with information, guidance, tips, strategies, and support with designing and launching your private practice or online business.

I have taken great care to design and deliver this Program so you can walk away with an in-depth foundation from which to continue growing your business, programs, and presence online.

It is important that we are on the same page about what I can and cannot offer you through this training.

No part of this Program or our work together constitutes or substitutes professional legal, accounting, financial, or compliance advice.

You should always seek personalised advice about these aspects of your business from an appropriately qualified professional and do not delay seeking personalised advice because of something that you and I have discussed.

Any compliance tips throughout the Program are offered in collegial good faith from the point of view of ethical evidence-based practice and informed consent – in no way do these tips constitute or substitute professional legal, accounting/financial advice or supervision and should not be solely relied on as a way of protecting yourself or your business.

As such, I won’t accept any liability or responsibility (including liability for negligence) for any loss suffered because of your or any other person’s reliance on the strategies we discuss and the content contained in this Program, unless otherwise required by law.

It is your responsibility to ensure that you can meet your own legal obligations with respect to goods and/or services you provide to your clients.

To the maximum extent permitted by law, you indemnify me and hold me harmless against any and all third-party claims arising out of your or any other person’s reliance on any content (including but not limited to information, advice, documents, templates or other tools) provided to you as part of this Program.

The Program offers no guarantees of financial returns or results from our work together.

By engaging in this Program you recognise that there is a certain degree of risk and uncertainty in any business and there may be factors outside yours and my control that will determine the results.

As such, I make the product or service available to you, however you use it (including all content and interactive features) at your own risk. Everything is provided “as is” and “as available” – I don’t make any representations or warranties of any kind.

I make no guarantees as to results or success (financial or otherwise) which may be achieved as a result of participating in this Program. If reviews or statements from past or current clients are displayed on the Website or in other material, these are examples only and are not intended to represent or guarantee achievement of certain results or outcomes.

I make no guarantees or promises that my products or services meet your professional development or training requirements. It is your responsibility to understand your professional development requirements and seek independent advice or the advice of your professional or certifying body. If you self-assess that my products or services meet your professional development requirements, you are solely responsible for that assessment. 

Nothing in these terms excludes any right, guarantee or warranty you’re entitled to by law, including any guarantee that cannot be excluded under the Australian Consumer Law, which forms Schedule 2 to the Competition and Consumer Act 2010 (Cth) (ACL), however I do exclude all other guarantees, conditions and warranties to the maximum extent permitted by law.

While due care was taken in preparation of this training, by accessing the Program you acknowledge and agree that you and you alone are responsible for the decisions that you make and the actions that you take in your business.

As such, my liability to you arising out of this agreement with you and the supply of any product or service to you will be limited to the maximum extent permitted by law and as set out in this clause.

To the maximum extent permitted by law, I exclude all liability to you, however arising (except for liability arising out of a failure by me to comply with a consumer guarantee set out in Part 3-2 of the ACL, where applicable), including by negligence. 

If I am liable to you for a failure to comply with a consumer guarantee set out in Part 3-2 of the ACL, my liability to you for that failure is limited under section 64A of the ACL to (at my option) providing the product(s) or service(s) again or the cost of providing the product(s) or service(s) again.

I won’t be liable for any consequential loss or damage or other indirect loss or damage including loss of business profits or reputational damage, except where I am unable to limit or exclude such loss under the ACL (for example, if I am unable to exclude or limit liability for consequential loss arising out of a breach of a consumer guarantee).

If I am not otherwise able to exclude or limit my liability to you as set out above, then my liability to you (except for liability arising out of my failure to comply with a consumer guarantee set out in Part 3-2 of the ACL, if applicable) will be limited to the amounts paid by you to me for the relevant product or service.

The content, ideas, visual materials, and any associated handouts are protected by copyright.

No part of this training or materials supplied to you as part of this Program may be copied, reproduced, manipulated, or shared in any way without express written permission from me.

Any evidence of plagiarism will be taken extremely seriously as it constitutes a serious breach of ethics and professional misconduct.

Please enrol mindfully as I do not offer refunds otherwise than in accordance with your entitlements under the Australian Consumer Law.

By signing up to the training you will be automatically added to my e-mail list so you can receive any training-related communication, as well as my eHealth Newsletter – you will be able to unsubscribe at any time.

If at any point you have questions about these terms or our work together, please e-mail me on

These Terms may be updated periodically and you will be provided with a notice of any changes.

For the full Sales Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy, please visit and

Correct as of 1st of August 2022.

Thank you – I’m so excited to have you in the Program and I cannot wait for us to begin!

With gratitude,