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Is it time you re-imagined the way you practice your craft and started making the most of your knowledge, interests, and expertise online?

about you…

You are an experienced health professional who values ethical, evidence-based practice.

You care deeply about your clients and love the fact that you get to be a part of their life and health journey.

You genuinely love your profession and what you do…


sounds about right?

If you’re ready to take your next creative, career-defining step and would love to have an expert, trustworthy guide by your side – I am here to help!

about me…

Dr Natalie Kladnitski – Clinical Psychologist and eHealth Business Mentor

My work is about helping you build a strengths-based, values-led, and vision-driven online business that takes care of you first!

This is what we could create…


… invaluable …

“Natalie’s approach to 1:1 coaching has been invaluable in the process of expanding my work beyond private practice. She is generous in sharing her extensive knowledge of ethical business practices, marketing, tech and everything in between.

Natalie also deftly applies these principles to each unique business concept in a way that makes sense and inspires ideas for improvement. Most importantly, Natalie provides much needed reassurance and redirection if the process becomes overwhelming.

My investment in Natalie’s 1:1 coaching has been worth its weight in gold!”

Clinical Psychologist, Eating Disorder Specialist & Founder – Melbourne, Australia

session price

Flexible coaching, mentoring, and supervision to support you with your business building momentum!

Please note: the most cost-effective way to work together on expanding and diversifying your private practice using online courses, programs, and training is inside my comprehensive online Program – The E-Health Business Blueprint.

In an effort to make expert business coaching more accessible, our work together is limited to in-session time only and does not include e-mail support or business guidance between sessions.

Single Coaching Sessions

AUD $370 (incl. GST)

*** The best way to work together to expand and grow your private practice in 2024 is inside The E-Health Business Blueprint ***

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My work is for you


If this sounds like you – I cannot wait to support you with turning your ideas into reality!

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… cares about your reputation …

“Natalie is a fantastic business coach/mentor to work with!

I have been doing 1:1 coaching with her and I have just launched my psychology online practice.

With her wealth of knowledge and dynamic skillset, Natalie has been super helpful with multiple aspects of that process – including helping me with my copy, refining ideas, website development and we are now about to enter the social media side of things.

The fact that she is a clinical psychologist herself, makes a difference as I know she is familiar with the regulations and requirements that come with the industry.

Natalie knows how to meet you where you are at in your own business-building journey and perhaps most importantly, she is an ethical person who cares about your reputation and the reputation of the psychology industry.

I highly recommend Natalie’s service – you won’t regret it!”

Clinical Psychologist, Relationship Specialist – Melbourne, Australia

frequently asked questions

At present I work with registered/accredited/licensed/chartered health professionals based in Australia, New Zealand and the UK.

My speciality is in working with psychologists and mental + allied health practitioners who’d like to work predominantly online and establish a telehealth + online business hybrid practice.

My work is particularly suitable for those who have an interest in developing evidence-based educational products and preventive care services (e.g., psychoeducation, skills training courses, group coaching programs, etc.).

I am especially dedicated to supporting solo professionals who’d love to create an automated and scalable online business without needing to hire and manage other practitioners or build a group practice.

I also work with creative medical professionals who are expanding into the e-learning space or working on creating innovate e-health services to complement their medical practice.

My CPD and on-demand training is informed by the AHPRA rules and regulations, which may differ slightly from international governing bodies, though all of my work is informed by the universal principles of ethical professional practice.

At present, I work exclusively with AHPRA (or similar) registered health professionals, as well as those who are accredited by a different governing body but hold (or are eligible to hold) a Medicare Provider Number.

On occasion, I work with qualified therapists and coaches who may not be registered, but who value and adhere to the principles of ethical, evidence-based practice.

My coaching and consulting services are best suited for professionals who already have the baseline knowledge of running a private practice – either from working in someone else’s or having their own, more traditional practice.

I do not cover the fundamentals of running your own practice, like patient record management, Medicare compliance, reporting requirements, risk management, etc.

However, we can work together alongside other training to help you set up the right marketing, branding, and services infrastructure, as well as plan how you will create an exceptional client experience from the very start.

We are likely to be a good fit if:

> You are driven and motivated, with a high-degree of personal and professional responsibility – you recognise that no one else but you can build your dream business.

> You are naturally more reserved, introverted, or introspective and you’d love to find the right-fit support that will help you find a way to build your business online in a way that feels good to you.

> You love learning and understanding the “how” and the “why” behind strategies and approaches, so you can be confidently in charge of your beautiful business.

> You’d love for your work, your business, and your ideas to be taken seriously – my job is to guide and support you to figure out how we can make your dream a reality – not to tell you that you cannot do something.

> You are willing to manage and tolerate a certain level of uncertainty and risk inherent in building, growing, and scaling a business, and acknowledge that there will always be factors outside of yours and my control that will affect the speed with which you achieve your desirable business goals.

My work may not be the right fit for you if:

> You are looking for more VA or OBM-style support to outsource your business-building activities – or you’re looking for someone else to build your business for you.

> You are driven solely or primarily by financial gains and aren’t intrinsically motivated by developing and expanding your intellectual or creative body of work.

> You’d love to work as little as possible and generate solely passive income from what you’re doing.

> You aren’t willing (or are too busy or uninterested) in learning new skills, trying new things, creating content, or sharing your message with the online world.

> You wouldn’t say that being a health professional is a significant or an important part of your identity.

> You are driven by certainty and instantaneous results, and would find it challenging to persevere with any strategy that didn’t immediately translate into your desired business outcomes.

… she just gets it …

“I’ve been working with Natalie for nearly a year. I was full of big ideas but struggling with where to put my energy and as an academic/clinician had no idea about how to grow my ideas into a viable thriving business.

From Day One, she has helped ground me and iron out where I want my vision to go. Helped quiet the constant voices of doubt and fear. Helped shape my mindset into something that drives me rather than feeds my fears.

She just ‘gets it’ – where I was in the beginning and where I am trying to go. Work with this woman. She is brilliant.”

Clinical Psychologist, Academic & Speaker – New Zealand