Helping Creative Health Professionals Build a Vision-Driven Online Business

Hi, I’m Dr Natalie Kladnitski – Clinical Psychologist & e-Health Business Specialist passionate about helping you make the most of your training and expertise by crafting a meaningful, ethical, and aligned health-focused brand and business online.

The mission of The E-Health Academy is to promote excellence and support best practice when designing and delivering online interventions in private practice.

Chances are that you’ve sacrificed a lot to get to where you are now… is it time you started to do the work you love your way?

Whether you’d like to launch a standout private practice, create a signature online course or group program, design an innovative e-health service, write a best-selling self-help book, or become known as the go-to professional in your chosen area…

My work focuses on helping driven and creative practitioners craft a meaningful personal brand and turn their training, skillset, and expertise into a multifaceted online business that takes care of them first.

Expert support with designing a one-of-a-kind online brand and a health-focused business

Tools and strategies to help you monetise your passion, skillset, and expertise

Ethical principles behind compliant healthcare marketing and business development

5 Ways to Diversify Your Solo Psychology Practice

Learn how you can boost your revenue and create more freedom and flexibility in your business without needing to hire and manage other practitioners.

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