Want more freedom and flexibility in your solo practice?

Create Powerful & Profitable Online Training to Grow Your Allied Health Practice in 2024 and Beyond

Learn how to use online courses, workshops, and webinars to diversify your clinical practice so you can make the most of your health expertise, become known for the work you most love to do, expand your passive earning capacity, and burnout-proof your healthcare career.

An Essential Business Bootcamp for AHPRA-Registered Health Professionals.

Day 1

Choosing the Right eLearning Model

Day 2

Crafting a Stand-Out Online School

Day 3

Mapping Out Powerful Online Training

Day 4

Making Your First Scalable Sale

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Did you know that as a highly qualified, ethically-minded health professional you are the best person to share powerful, evidence-based insights, scientifically sound strategies, and foundational, first-line skills to help more people begin their journey of healing, self-discovery, and self-determination?

The good news is that it’s never been easier to begin teaching vital health skills online through webinars, workshops, courses, and coaching programs, so you can holistically support your community and boost passive profit from your private practice!

Join Dr Natalie Kladnitski – Clinical Psychologist, eHealth Business Mentor, and Online Interventions Specialist – and learn how to kickstart the online training arm of your (solo) practice in 2024!

Let's Kickstart Your eHealth Business Together!

In this powerful BOOTCAMP for Allied Health Professionals, you will…

Expertly crafted to meet the needs of regulated practitioners, this Bootcamp will ensure you are set-up for success as you begin to gently expand and diversify your beautiful business!

better outcomes

bigger impact

burnout-free practice

How it Works

Once registered you will receive INSTANT access to practical video tutorials (ranging between 15 and 40 minutes in length) to help you get started with creating the course, workshop, webinar, or group coaching program you’ve been thinking of putting together for months (if not years).

You will also receive Bootcamp e-mails – starting the day after you sign-up – to help you make the most of this kickstarter training.

The aim of this BOOTCAMP is to help you begin to build creative momentum, so the quicker you complete it, the sooner you will be able to map out your training, and the closer you will be to your first (or next) launch!

At the end of the Bootcamp you will be invited to continue receiving hands-on support with creating your online training and diversifying your practice inside my signature online program – The E-Health Business Blueprint.

Here’s what’s included…


Highly practical, guided sessions covering the ‘how to’ of getting your online training business started in the most time, cost, and energy efficient way.


A dedicated space to access the training, resources, as well as bonus guidance on all things ethics, compliance, and confidence.


The complete training companion full of key principles, strategic guidance, prompts, notes, and bonuses to help you unleash your creativity.

Ready to Supercharge Your Private Practice Using Automated & Scalable Online Training?

training you can trust

Tailored to the unique needs of registered health professionals

Promotes ethical business practices and marketing strategies

Supports you to adhere to the highest professional practice standards

Shares research-based strategies and recommendations

Can health professionals really share what they know online… and generate an income from it?

Advances in online technology combined with the expanding evidence-base for the utility of digital health interventions have created a perfect opportunity for independent practitioners to distill the years of training and expertise under their belt into simple yet powerful online learning products like courses, workshops, webinars, and group programs.

These allow the public to develop vital health literacy from the most up-to-date, scientifically sound information and learn simple self-management strategies directly from trustworthy, highly qualified, and ethically-minded professionals in a more accessible and affordable way.

At the same time, creating a range of scalable learning products and leveraged group-based online services allows you to build your reputation, expand and diversify your (solo) private practice, and ease the burden of generating revenue from a purely clinical 1:1 caseload.

This training is for you


If this sounds like you, I cannot wait to connect with you inside the Bootcamp!

Ready to turn your knowledge into a ticket to more freedom and flexibility inside your beautiful business?

about the presenter

Natalie Kladnitski, PhD is an expert in designing, delivering, and disseminating evidence-based online interventions.

As a clinical psychologist, published researcher in the area of digital mental health programs, e-health consultant, and online business coach…

My passion lies in helping dedicated health professionals unlock their creativity and distil the years of training and experience under their belt into practical, accessible, and scalable online products,

Which make vital health interventions more accessible, while supporting passionate practitioners with earning a living without burnout.